Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Free Money" for being a naive hottie!

Remember that “Most Talented Hottie” audition for Microsoft that I didn’t go through with?

After waiting an hour, I gladly left the audition with the valid excuse that I had to get to a performance of a musical I was in… or was it dress rehearsal? Either way, it was a horrible audition my horrible agent had sent me on; they didn’t want real talents, but rather degrading, stupid human tricks.

Having already filled out their paperwork and gotten my $20 for gas, I told them I’d return in the morning. Between the fact that traffic probably wouldn’t have allowed me to make it to that and work training the next morning, in addition to the realization I did NOT want to be a part of it, I did not go back the next day.

You may recall, the incentive was that you got $200 just for auditioning, but you waived all rights to the footage, which could then be used online for what sounds like it will be a really stupid and humiliating contest. I was naive to tell my agent I'd go to something like this, naive to sit there for an hour and naive about traffic the next morning; but it all worked out...

Even though I didn’t audition, I recently got a $200 check in the mail!!! I guess they didn’t cross reference their paperwork with their video footage. I don’t feel bad because that covers the cost of travel time and expense, wait time and emotional anguish! Not to mention that swindling could most definitely be considered a talent of a hottie!!! ;)

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Mombi said...

Ha! Frickin' awesome! Maybe they thought you were the amazing disappearing woman!