Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flying Feline?

As I've mentioned before, in addition to missing my boyfriend, family, friends, home in Ohio and the comfort and convenience of familiarity, I long for the unconditional love of my pets.

I worried my cat would be mad and snub me on this visit, since cats can be temperamental, but thankfully it's been quite the opposite, he's been on my lap every time I sit down and I wake with him curled at my feet most mornings. Of course, this has me once again thinking about taking him back to California. I probably won't because that would leave the ten year old Great Dane with no companionship, along with other factors I listed before, yet, here I sit at my kitchen counter at 3 a.m., "trapped" by the sleeping cat on my lap, looking up airplane regulations and cat travel tips.
I found this super cool video; check it out:

I was displeased to read that Spirit charges $85 for a pet-as-a-carry-on, that's a bit more than I expected. I was also surprised to find that vets no longer recommend using a sedative or tranquilizer on a pet during air travel because both the drugs and altitude affect blood pressure and could have deadly results. My cat tolerates car trips, usually hunkering on the drivers lap; he does not like being kept in his carrier and I fear he'd "mow" annoyingly for at least the first hour of the four and a half hour flight... (He does not meow, he "mows," as in, rhymes with cow.)

He really does seem to know who's controlling the vehicle and favor them, so perhaps if I asked nicely, the pilot would let him be a cockpit leg warmer!? Yeah right!

I don't know why I'm doing this to myself again... It's mean to the dog, the travel would be stressful on the cat, I would always be worried that he'd slip out the door under my roommates feet, I'd worry he'd choose to mark his new home, it would be very expensive with the airline fee, pet deposit, new liter box, etc... I can't speak from experience, but it seems like mothers and children - Despite the awful labor, they say when the new baby is laid in your arms it's all worth it... My cat is so damn cute/handsome, just to look at! Then he cuddles up to me with his soft fur, warmth and roaring purr and I just can't help but feel like he belongs with me, despite the logic and obstacles against it. I even feel like he wants to be with me!

Oh for the love! I am not the kind of person who speaks for animals! It must be the White Zin talking. I was at a beautiful wedding tonight and am very happy for my newlywed friends and their open bar. It really was one of the best weddings I've ever been to; more about that later, the cat has left my lap, thus freeing me to go spend valuable, fleeting moments wrapped in my beau's arms...

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