Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Honey, I’m Home!

Everyone likes surprises, right? Well, I decided it would be fun to tell as few people as possible that I was coming home for a visit! Not to metion the fact that I've been warned visits home are stressful because you're pulled in so many different directions; I figured I'd have more control if no one knew I was coming. Of course my boyfriend, who purchased my plane ticket knew, as well as the soon-to-be-wed friends whose wedding I’ll be attending. My parents, on the other hand, have been hearing white lies from me for the past two weeks… “Putting a new alternator in my car was the price of a plane ticket!” That’s true! “It’s hard to plan because my work schedule only gives me two days notice!” That’s true too! “No, I just can’t make it to so-and-so’s wedding… we haven’t kept in touch anyway.” Okay, that one’s a complete lie!

Honestly, it was difficult to pick days and buy the ticket; rather, it was stressful. Everything in LA happens at the last minute! My work schedule is issued on Friday and begins that Sunday! Audition notices are very last minutes; last week I was only given a few hours to get to one. You just have to select a date and assume you’re going to miss out on something. It’s Murphy’s Law.

We booked the flight for Monday July 21st to Tuesday July 29th. Of course, I ended up having NOTHING to do the 18th, 19th and 20th, but had to decline a direct request from a casting director to audition for a non-union film because it rehearsed and shot the 24th and 25th.

I sulked in my apartment all day Friday the 18th, frustrated that we hadn’t booked the flight for that day, and knowing I couldn’t extend the visit because I have things to get back for the 29th and 30th… In the hours of insomnia Saturday morning I decided just to check into changing the flight. My boyfriend had tried to extend his last visit, but the change fee was $600! In comparison, the $80 change fee Spirit airlines wanted seemed reasonable, then there was an additional $60 price difference. Can I afford to spend $140 on a whim? No. But did I have $140? Yes. (I don’t use a credit card, so I literally have money, or I don’t.)

I figure, $140 is a really fancy diner, or fantastic gift , and my boyfriend certainly deserves that! I thought, the ability to surprise him too would be priceless! When we originally bought the ticket I said I couldn’t wait for the day I had enough money to buy my own plane ticket and fly home without him knowing…

My engaged friend had already offered a ride home from the Detroit Metro, so taking him up on his previous offer was easy. The hard part became getting from my apartment to LAX. You are NEVER going to believe this story! Coming soon…

Actually I wrote this entry and the to-the-airport story while waiting for my departure and in the air, but I’m rationing my pre-written posts this week. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home, I am sure that Loren was happily surprised. Enjoy your time home it will go way too fast.