Thursday, June 4, 2009

Only in LA...

Yes, I believe that is a teal vintage hearse.

I took this picture some time ago, but it's been on my phone. It was on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. Speaking of, until I moved here, I never realized these line in Tom Petty's "Free Falling" were about a real places: The San Fernando Valley, Ventura Boulevard, Mulholland (drive).

All the vampires walkin through the valley
Move west down ventura boulevard
And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
A ll the good girls are home with broken hearts

And Im free, free fallin
Yeah Im free, free fallin
Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im
Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im

I wanna glide down over mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
Gonna free fall out into nothin
Gonna leave this world for a while

And Im free, free fallin...

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