Friday, June 26, 2009

At about midnight we finally went to the set, if you can call it that. The courtyard area of this high school campus is huge, modern and very industrial. They only had a few "expo" signs and graphics projected on a large wall. All we did was four takes, running and screaming as drones attack. This scene will end up including tons of CGI , crazy editing and special effects.

After chatting with some other actors, they set out another meal for us. It's like wedding reception food, but about ten times better.

Others who've worked the previous two nights don't think we'll be here as long, since none of the characters are here shooting their scenes. I hope they're wrong; I'll gladly stay till the sun comes up in order to get overtime pay!

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Judy said...

Isn't there something magical about being on a movie set? I know when Jaycie, Brian and I worked on "American Splendor" we put in a 15 hour day and it seemed to fly by. I think that was the day both of my kids got hooked.