Saturday, January 10, 2009

At least the dog enjoyed the hour in the car...

Instead of looking out my window, it seems as though I'm looking into a snow globe today; the flurries are absolutely beautiful! There's at least five inches of snow lining the top of the split-rail fence around my back yard, the thick tree branches and atop my bird feeders. It looks like icing piped on a ginger bread land. Though we're in a subdivision with neighbors on each side, there is a nature conservatory right behind us, which means a thinly wooded area that is green in the summer and sparkles with snow and ice in the winter.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? You'd want to buy it, right? Yeah, well, the process of selling has me livid right now!

I cleaned for a considerable amount of time yesterday for a showing this afternoon. I awoke to do some finishing touches, which instead turns into a mad frenzy, as I race against the clock. I loaded our Great Dane and cat into my loaner car and parked on the street a few houses down. The roads are bad so I didn't want to drive anywhere, not that there are many places to go in the winter with two animals... Plus I think it's fun to get a glimpse of the prospective buyers and also be able to go right back home as soon as they leave.

So we waited, and waited, and waited, then drove around the block a few times to get out of the way of the snow plow, then waited some more. You know where I'm going with this... NOWHERE! No one came. Again, the roads aren't great, but the fucking phone lines are still working! At least the dog enjoyed the hour in the car...

I'm left wondering how people can be so inconsiderate. There's a high likelihood that buyers for this house are already homeowners, therefore I would think they have sold or are trying to sell their own home and would understand how difficult and frustrating it is.

With the hassle of getting the house ready for each showing, I also feel like maybe we're not tidy enough on a daily basis... We are neat and clean people and the house has been "decluttered," as they would say on an HGTV show, but there are still a million things to do each time. My beau reassured me, when it comes to showing a house, "it's different." You simply must vacuum every room right before. I'm sure some of you germ-a-phobs sweep daily, but every room? Every personal item from every surface must be cleared away. Dog pillows from three rooms have to be tucked away and kitty liter boxes have to be removed completely. I try to have the dishwasher emptied and toss the current dish towel into the empty washing machine; I hide the hand soap from the kitchen sink, as to not reveal that the built in pump doesn't work. The plastic container of mixed nuts that my guy keeps on his nightstand as a midnight snack gets demoted to his sock drawer and the rug in our bedroom has to be rolled up and put in the corner of a closet so its frayed corners from a teething puppy aren't a distraction. The open music books on the piano have to go and the guitar cases and kareoke machine have been packed up. The tray by the backdoor for keys, change and other miscellaneous items found in ones pockets at the end of a day is jammed in a cupboard as well as the mail basket and every trash can must be emptied.

I know it sounds like stupid, easy, tedious stuff, but everywhere I look there's something on that level and it takes forever! Loading the animals and animal stuff into the car takes three trips; I was in a hurry and my snowy shoes accidentally tracked muddy water onto the freshly cleaned floors. The clock was ticking, I was sweating like a pig from scurrying around and I wanted to scream!

Even after all that, I'll readily admit we have come to like the streamlined look of our home, but it's not realistic. Again I'll say, I have no idea how people with kids do it! My parents visited right after a showing last week and I proudly asked, "isn't this the best our house has ever looked?!" My mom quickly responded, "No! It has no personality... It looks so empty. Where are all your pictures?"


My guy just called - apparently their agent left a message at our agents office, which was closed. They didn't have his cell number? Really? It's been rescheduled for Tuesday; until then, I'm not touching anything!

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