Thursday, November 5, 2009


I feel like such a dork today because I'm starstruck by sets! I'm at the CBS Radford studios in Studio City working background on a new NBC show "100 Questions." I've been here before for "Accidentally on Purpose" and love that it's minutes from my apartment, but am particularly excited today to see sets from two of my favorite shows!

Know them?

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Sarah said...

Top is GREEK! Love that show :)

Anonymous said...

The second pic is Parks and Rec.....don't know the first!

Anonymous said...

Yes and Yes!

ABC Family's "Greek" is set on the fictional Ohio college, Cyprus Rhodes University. The sign above is actually on the outside of soundstages 22 and 23.

Amy Poehler's second season sitcom on NBC, "Parks and Recreation" is in the small Indiana town of Pawnee. The lettering in the picture was affixed to an office building on the lot that looks nothing like the establishing shot of their office building in the show.