Sunday, November 15, 2009

Roommate Drama... again.

Right now my female roommate is jamming to tunes in the bathroom while her boyfriend is talking on the phone on our balcony. No one is out of bounds; it's annoying nonetheless. I would just really love some QUIET! I only have to deal with it for a few more days though; I'm returning to Ohio for the holidays and when I come back to LA, things will be very different in this apartment...

Let's rewind; roommate #1 is still a gay male who has become a dear friend to me. In August roommate #2, an asshole, was replaced by a vibrant, annoying but sweet, European female. I guess now instead of #1 and #2, I can just say dude and chica.

Both have always known that my guy is keeping his job in Ohio through a coworkers maternity leave. Then in January he'll visit Los Angeles to interview for jobs here. His industry is all based around sales per month, so it's likely he'd be hired to start at the beginning of a month; best case scenario, February!

My roommates have been well aware of my plans to be in Ohio from late November through early to mid January, then I'll hopefully move out of this apartment in February or March... and if it's not until April I'm going to kill myself! So, imagine my frustration when dude roommate announced that he was going to put in his 30 day notice in December to move to Europe to be an au pair. Meaning, we'd need a new roommate starting January 1st, while I'm still in Ohio! I think he should go to Europe but couldn't help but selfishly wish that he'd just wait another freaking month so we could move out at the same time! How could he create this situation over a time he already knew I'd be gone!?

I thought about putting in my 30 day notice at the beginning of November and moving my belongings to a storage unit. However, the cost of a hotel while my guy interviews and we then look for a new apartment together would almost certainly exceed my fantastic rent. On top of that, what if it takes him a while to find a job and I'm stuck in Ohio longer than planned...? I would have screwed my roommates in the month of December had I vacated, so instead dude roommate was screwing us in the month of January. This all caused a great deal of stress.

I love dude roommate, but part of me just didn't believe him. He's ridiculously talented, but very unfocused. Being from Europe, chick roommate had the knowledge that if he goes through all the correct legal channels, he couldn't possibly leave the US before February, so we both thought he should just stay in LA instead of moving back to Texas with his family until the paperwork came through. Not to mention, the family he's corresponding with said yes to him simply over email! We worry he's getting sold into sex slavery and wonder what kind of horrible parents choose a caretaker for their child, having never SPOKEN to them!

Dude roommate was still forging ahead, so I posted a craigslist ad for a roommate, in hopes of meeting someone before I left. It didn't get much response because people simply don't look for apartments six weeks in advance!

Then... dude roommate decided to move his date forward by a whole month. *sigh* The continuously changing plans were annoying and we're so sad to see him go, but it actually makes the roommate search a tad easier. I'm leaving the 19th of this month and he's peacing out three days after me. With the new time line, we were able to meet with five candidates. We're really torn between two of them; a third would be okay but she's a bit young; the fourth was super boring and the fifth was a waste of time.

Additionally, we'll be playing musical rooms! I am so excited to be moving to the master, which is only possible since dude roommate is moving out sooner! While I won't have a balcony, it's on the other side of the apartment meaning I won't have to hear my two roommates or smell the cigarettes and weed they smoke outside. Even if I'm only here a few weeks in January, the private, attached bathroom is absolutely worth the extra $50 a month. Plus, there's a lock on the door, so I won't have to worry about my belongings while I'm gone for the holidays! Chick roommate is switching to my room because it's larger and the new girl will be in the smaller room, that I originally moved into way back in May...

The stress of this situation over the past few weeks was overwhelming, to say the least. Oh, and chick roommate quit her job at the end of October and is anxiously waiting for the first of the year to possible be contacted by immigration about leaving the country. *stress*stress*stress* I am so sick of living with roommates! I can not stand that the roof over my head and security of my belongings rests with people I barely know and don't entirely trust.

I am lonely all the time; I am exhausted from working long, inconsistent hours; I am frustrated that I have not been auditioning or taking classes; it is difficult to maintain focus on my plan when it took me five months to get one stupid SAG voucher! I am so sick of this reality. I feel like I'm in a holding pattern instead of living my life. I need my guy to be here with me, living in a place that is just he and I! I need to be in the actor's union so I can get a good agent and focus on auditing and taking classes; if I'm not doing that, there's no point in being in the god forsaken place.

My age, education and relationship status are so far beyond what I have been living since April of 2008. That may sound pretentious and negative, but I'm just really exhausted. And I have a headache from hearing the bump*bump*bump of someone else's music...

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