Friday, November 6, 2009

If this were a status update it would read:

" standing on the roof of the Curios George parking structure, looking out over the Universal's back lot, Warner Bros. and the twinkling San Fernando Valley, eating a turkey dog."

Don't worry, I have pepper spray and there are rent-a-cops on scooters, who haven't bugged me yet. That's surprising because someone committed suicide off one of these garages in the past five years!

I'd post a picture of the Valley or the houses lit up on the Hollywood Hills behind me, but neither turn out. However, in the parking lot right below me you can see 13 star wagons, other production vehicles and lighting cells. There are also three huge cranes and a light grid six spaces wide. They must be getting ready for a mammoth shoot.

So why am I up here? As I already wrote, to eat my hot dog! Duh!

Actually I was working background on "Heroes." After five months of extra work, this is my first work at Universal! Unfortunately, my employee id was of no use. We filmed in pretty much the only area that's not part of the studio tour. Just beyond the back lot and beside the farthest parking garage, there's a vacant area called Freeway Park. There's an over grown baseball diamond and a dilapidated house facade used for something years ago. On that site, "Heroes" built a carnival, complete with rides. Luckily I spent most of the brisk night spinning around on the Scrambler. It's amazing how enjoyable a fake carnival can be since you're being paid instead of paying!

Now that I'm wrapped, I kind of don't know what to do with myself. Lately I haven't wanted to go back to my apartment. I'm not having an issue with my roommate; nothing beyond the normal annoyances anyway. It just feels so stagnant there. Although I'm working like crazy, seven days straight last week and five this week, I'm so bored! Last night I told my guy I hated feeling so restless. Then today I randomly checked my horoscope and got this:

High creativity, lots of work, stable love but low wellness and no money? That sounds about right...

Hmm... I'm far away from the few cars up here and the scooter cop has rolled by me three times in the past hour. Someone sucks at their job!

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