Thursday, August 6, 2009

No, really, he's in Cambodia...

This week I worked background Monday and Tuesday on "Criminal Minds" and had an amazing costume fitting yesterday for an upcoming episode of "Mad Men." This afternoon I'll be an extra on "Bones," back at the super charming 20th Century FOX lot. So it sounds like things are going swell, but I'm actually trying to ignore/balance some stress...

The roommate drama

Let's refresh: roommate #1 has the master suite, he's amazing, we see each other often.
Roommate #2 is also a lovely person, but he's never here, which is good because I share a bathroom with him.

In mid July #2 left for a two week family trip to Cambodia. At that time he told us he was "70% sure he was moving out" and we should start looking for someone. Neither #1 nor I thought he'd officially filed his 30 day notice with the office; I expressed quite a bit of concern and even suggested #1 and I just find a two bedroom instead of another roommate. #1 was completely unconcerned with the situation.

A day or two after #2 left, my stove stopped working. I imagine the pilot light's out, but I don't want to try to light it, for fear of blowing myself up. As I walked back in my building the day I had my tooth pulled, I noticed the manager was actually in her office and stopped to try to talk to her. She has a thick Russian accent and I was numb and bleeding. I'm sure it was hilarious to onlookers. Her response to my stove issue was to say, "did your roommate get the notice in the door? He owes $500." He had and he'd assured me it was taken care of. I relayed that to the manager who disagreed.

Isn't it funny how sometimes the truth sounds more like a lie than an actual lie? That's how I felt as I uttered the phrase, "He just left for Cambodia for two weeks!" Cambodia?! I'm sure she didn't believe me. I wouldn't have believed me. But she did say she'd tell the company that, "so maybe they won't evict the other two of you." What the fuck!?

So needless to say, I didn't press the stove issue again! #1 was also not the least bit concerned with the eviction threat and we've lived the past two weeks without a stove. Luckily, I've been doing background work and thus being fed on set; I've also learned the amazing joys of a toaster oven!

The first of this month #2 returned and he claims to have bank statements proving he doesn't owe money so I once again put in a maintenance request for the stove. That issue pales in comparison to the new information that #2 did indeed put in his 30 written notice to the office before the trip, despite telling us he was "70% sure." This means he wants to find a replacement by the 15th of this month! The problem with that is that #1 left town for a week, the day before #2 returned.

So #2 put up a craigslist ad and I've been fielding emails. With #2 anxious to get things lined up I agreed to meet with people Monday afternoon since "Criminal Minds" wrapped early. I wasted literally six hours of my day for three people, only one of whom showed up! I was beyond pissed that I have lived her the shortest amount of time, yet I felt like I was dealing with everything!

Okay, on top of that, there's the room issue. #2 pays a mere $2 more than me even though his room is much larger and he has a parking spot. Naturally, I am excited to upgrade when he moves out! I didn't question it when I moved in here because I was so desperate, but upon seeing the price breakdown, I felt it was total bullshit, especially since he wasn't here much to use the parking space! When I said I was planning to change rooms, #2 didn't have a problem with it, but was afraid it would be a tougher sell to get the new person to put their name on the lease. What? I was confused.

Apparently #1 isn't on the lease and I came to realize, neither am I. I filled out an application, but I don't think I ever gave them a copy of my drivers license. #2 is the only name on the lease, thus the reason he's held responsible for any money issues. But it's month to month, and I had thought I was on the lease, so I didn't think is should be too hard to get someone else to sign. My concern is with finding someone as desperate and stupid as I was, with regard to the price breakdown.

#2 isn't moving out with any speed, so I have to keep my current room picked up to show people. As I think I mentioned before, I think it's incredibly awkward to show them my room, thus they'll know that I upgraded. I know I have every right to upgrade; it's like a company promoting from within; I had dibs! Nonetheless, I feel like that could lead to questions that I don't want to answer because I feel guilty about the total bullshit of the price/room size/parking spot.

My guy suggested I stay in my room, but take the parking spot, so it's somewhat even. That's the option I'll take if the new person is more vocal than I was about the street parking and small room. As guilty as I feel, I guess I'm more greedy because I already have my new room layout planned in my mind!

Roommate #1 literally just came home. He is so fantastic! Although I liked #2, I can't talk to him; we go in circles and he doesn't do anything about things brought up to him. IE: knowing the terms of the new persons lease or acknowledging it's his fault we haven't had a stove for a week! #1 and I understand each other and one of the first things out of his mouth was an apology for not being part of the situation. I'm confident he'll deal with it and ask the manager the right questions later today when they come to finally fix the stove. One thing that my guy pointed out, as did #1's friend just a moment ago, is that the new person might not have the option of a month to month; those usually happen after you've lived somewhere a year. The guys both think the whole building is month to month, but no one knows for sure.

The silver lining is that with a new name going on the lease, maybe that can be our grounds for having the horrible carpet replaced! If you know anything about tenant rules regarding new flooring, please leave a comment!

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