Friday, August 7, 2009

New carpet may have become a fantasy...

So... After my year lease I really wanted month to month, so I'm not trapped in a situation when the house in Ohio sells and my guy eventually joins me in LA. This place is great, since it's not only month to month, but the bills were already divided, so for the past three months my names hasn't been on anything!

Every month we each pay twenty-five bucks to have our beloved internet, a mere seven for water/sewage and every two or three months there's a varying electric/water bill. A couple times a scary pink "final notice" gas bill came for Kat, a girl who lived here two people before me. I asked my roommates if we should be concerned with that; roommate #1, true to form, was not phased, stating that we were now paying a completely different company than the one sending the statements. "That's odd," I remember thinking, "there's more than one gas company for this building...?" I'd also noted several times how bad it sucked that we paid water/sewage since most apartments cover that. I didn't take it upon myself to understand any of it farther; the utility amounts I was paying seemed fair and I was content that nothing was in my name.

Well... [Insert chuckle and eye roll here.] As it turns out, since roommate #1 pays "the LA department of water and electricity" he assumed the monthly seven dollars to roommate #2 was going toward the gas bill. He didn't realize that his bill was only charging us for the electric and #2s bill is water and sewage. Although I knew what the seven bucks went to, I guess I thought the gas bill was every couple months, like electric, or maybe I just didn't think about it at all, I don't know... So as it turns out, no one has paid a gas bill for this apartment for at least six months, I think; I'm not sure when exactly this Kat person moved out.

Oh, and did I mention that stove that I've waited two and a half weeks to have fixed is GAS!? [Insert frustrated laughter, because there's nothing else to do but laugh. Frustratedly!]

Roommate #1 had this grand realization last night. Thankfully I was not here this afternoon when they came to "fix" the stove. I assumed he would tell him we'd likely solved the problem, but still have them look at my poorly draining bathroom sink and tub and we'd literally made a list of questions for the manager regarding the lease agreement, the deposit, the carpet, etc. Instead I got this text message from him:

I'm suddenly a fan of [manager]. Apparently her style is, why fix a broke one when you can just put in a new one? It's sparkly.

I replied, "LOL! That's crazy! So does it work, or has our gas indeed been shut off?"

Well... That's the awkward part of the story where they haul one all the way down. Another all the way up, and then plug in and turn it on to discover that yes... This little bitch gringo just don't got no damn gas. (I don't think I made new friends...) but... NEW STOVE! And a letter for Kat from the gas company. So we have some info to work with.

I can not believe they would order and bring a new stove before anyone even came to assess the old one! Hilarious! I actually liked the old stove better. :( A kitchen towel doesn't fit over the oven handle of the new one! WTF? Roommate #1 is still at work, so I have no idea if he got any our questions answered. My bathroom drains still suck, or rather, they don't; they obviously didn't look at them despite the note I left on the stove. Worst of all, I can't imagine after this fiasco that they're going to be any more willing to deal with our desperate need for new carpet...

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