Thursday, October 1, 2009

If you were in a relationship with this blog...

... you should totally break up with it! Maybe many of you already have.

Lately my use, and frankly my interest, in the internet has been extremely low. For starters, my guy was in town last week. Prior to that I'd been spending twelve hour days on set. I have an iPhone, but still haven't found a reliable ap for blogging. Facebook and Twitter are easy thanks to convenient aps, but while surfing the web is certainly doable, it can be tedious and drains your battery.

Blogging used to be how I'd unwind, but I feel like lately I don't even have time for that. Instead I barely have time to watch some Hulu, get to sleep and wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. to rush off to my next background job.

The problem is that I'm too long winded... It takes too much time and energy to tell a story in the way I like, so instead I don't tell it at all. I'll start trying to do shorter posts more often and continue my quest for a blog ap that actually works.

Highlights from the past few weeks:

My guy closed on the house and I'll be visiting Ohio in about a week to move him to temporary housing!

The back of my head can be seen in the cafe scene of the first episode of "Accidentally on Purpose." (I'm wearing the brown fedora-ish hat.)

Bill Paxton agreed I could be Jeanne Tripplehorn's sister!

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