Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bittersweet everything...

My guy was in town visiting Sunday to Thursday, thus my lack of blogging. It's always wonderful to see him, but I have to say this was probably his best visit. We saw Wicked at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, partied after the election and went on a hike in the beautiful mountains. I'll try to write about all of that in more detail; for the time being though I'm feeling that all to common emptiness.

As for the election, I am so excited that Barack Obama won!

However, I am deeply saddened that here in California Proposition 8 passed (barely). Earlier this year the state Supreme Court ruled that everyone could marry, but Prop 8 reinstates a ban on gay marriage. I truly don't understand. This country has fought discrimination time and time again, yet we never seem to learn from those battles. We are no better than the societies that enslaved blacks, would not let women own property and imprisoned innocent Asians. Plain and simply, by not allowing all people to marry, we are restricting rights just because we see some as "different."

Many use religion as an excuse to discriminate, which only confuses me further. This nation was founded on the separation of church and state by people who wanted to escape persecution based on their beliefs. How then, are we still doing just that? As one of the “No on 8” advertisements said, it does not matter how you feel about marriage, yes on 8 was D * I * S * C * R * I * M * I * N * A * T * I * O * N!

For the past few days protesters have been rallying on the streets of Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. They have been mostly peaceful, but horribly affected street and highway traffic; if there’s one great way to get attention in LA, it’s fucking with the already awful traffic!

California is not the only state to pass gay marriage bans, which makes this election so bittersweet. I am elated to see our country has moved beyond race and gender when looking for a President, so I have to believe I will also live to see a society that does not hate based on sexuality.


Anonymous said...

Gotta check your Africans enslaved their own people first then sold them here in the states...even some of my African American friends know this. Slavery is definately not a racial issue, like the "N" word is not a racial slur. If you look in Mr. Webster's Dictionary, it means "ignorant one". There are "N's" of many colors. And, here's one for daughter was called a "White cracker" in school recently...isn't that racial? I know many people with very dark skin that cannot stand people with very light skin...isn't that racism? Racism exists in ALL races. As far as the marriage issue goes, I would go as far as civil union.

Anonymous said...

I agree - racism does exist in all races.

I was pointing out discrimination that our society should not be proud of or repeat. Many cultures have slavery; it does not matter where it started, it's shameful.

I believe that ANY word can be a slur, it just depends on the intent with which it was used.

I don't really understand why you jumped on the racism issue. My point was clearly that discrimination should not be tolerated. We don't seem to have learned from our past. Treating people differently based on their race, age, religion, sex and sexual orientation is wrong!


Anonymous said...

The pics and captions are so states that the Whitehouse now features complete sentences but then there's a pic that states "now we can has"...what in the world?!?!? It's really funny. I truly believe that the years ahead are going to be just as hard or worse than those we just went through, probably in different ways though...and I am Independent.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have better explained LOLCats…

One of the gimmicks of the site is that the captions are in “kitty speak.” The misspelled words and bad grammar are kind of like baby talk. Some of them are stupid and some of the misspellings are so bad I don’t get them, there are also lots of ugly and grossly over weight cats. I’m a very discriminating LOLCat fan – they have to be both funny and cute! I found them as an application on my iPhone, then discovered the blog.

The political pictures are from a separate page on the site, also called Pundits Kitchen, they usually use correct grammar.

Note, I did not create these. I have some great pictures of my cat that I’ve been meaning to upload and submit, so I have yet to learn if there’s an approval process or anything.

It’s a great guilty pleasure; there are LOLDogs and Celebrity pages too. Check it out:


P.S. I totally agree that the coming years will be very difficult. I think both Obama and the media have done a good job of addressing that. The election brought a spirit of hope and change but I think most people realize our country's problems can not be fixed over night.